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archiveFebruary 2019

RMK Recon

RMK Recon“Two men enter, one man leaves”-  Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.     We might as well have been in the Thunderdome that day when we set out on RMKs.  Strikingly similar, our predicament was only slightly different;&nb...

Throwback Thursday: February 1994

From the issue: "One of our climbers rappels the Canyon's 8,372-foot Mount Hayden before the expedition takes on the formidable Zoroaster Temple." Photograph by Marc Muench. Inset raft photograph by David Edwards.

Three Words for my College Kiddo

“Three words.” That’s all I have to say and my college kiddo knows exactly what I mean. He tells me he’s heading out on Friday night, and I say, “three words.” He says, “I know, Mama.” And, he does. I’m the youngest of three sisters, so being “the baby” is a familiar role. Because there … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Three Words for my College Kiddo</span></a>

Alcoholics and Rehabs

Just for the AlcoholicRecently it was pointed out to me that my blog was inappropriately named if the focus is to be on the family and NOT the alcoholic. Back in the day when Riley was still alive, I provided information about him and about the disease...

ASU’s Tempe Golf Course Will Close in May

The longtime Tempe home of Arizona State University's golf teams will close in May to make way for a mixed-use development. As KTAR and other outlets reported last week, the long-planned closure of Karsten Golf Course now is set for May 5, but members ...

Happy 100th, Grand Canyon National Park

EDITOR'S NOTE: One hundred years ago today, Grand Canyon National Park came into existence. Forty-one years later, the following words appeared in our magazine. No writer of worth has ever seriously attempted to describe Grand Canyon; no artist has eve...

Life is a circus

Way back when Riley was diligently attending AA meetings, I would sometimes go with him. That’s where I heard the phrase “Not my circus.” Then I heard it again in an Al-Anon meeting. I liked it. I liked the phrase meaning that I did not have ownership ...
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