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archiveNovember 2015

Q&A: New Book Aims to Save Southwestern Rock Art From Vandalism

It’s not often that photographic literature of the American Southwest also has a strong message of keeping people out of photographed areas. In Rock Art: A Vision of a Vanishing Cultural Landscape, Jonathan Bailey aims to do just that, taking a conserv...

ADOT Offers Tips for Safe Winter Driving

It might not feel like it in the Phoenix area, but winter is coming, folks. And that means rain, snow and ice on roads in many parts of Arizona, which can make driving hazardous for day-trippers and other winter travelers. With that in mind, the Arizon...

Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, November 1989

From the issue: "Arizona Superstar, patterned after the Arizona state flag and piloted by Tom Lilley, floats over Watson Lake at Granite Dells near Prescott." Photo by Gary Johnson, a longtime Arizona Highways contributor who recently died u...

Repairs Sought for Home of Navajo Code Talker, 94

An online campaign is seeking to raise money to renovate the Tuba City home of a Navajo Code Talker -- one of only 12 such veterans still living. Dan Akee, who celebrated his 94th birthday last week, is currently unable to live in his home due to its c...

Q&A: Laura Tohe, Navajo Nation Poet Laureate

Laura Tohe was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. Her mother was a weaver and an artist, and her father was one of the Navajo Code Talkers. She learned to write stories and poems through her extended family's storytelling. And as she grew, books — a...
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